Pension bonanza for ex-servicemen after Supreme Court ruling

Some 30,000-40,000 armed forces officers who were commissioned or retired between 1986 and 1996 are in for a pay arrears and pension bonanza with the Supreme Court upholding a high court ruling that the amounts had been erroneously calculated.

Upholding the Kerala High Court ruling that ‘rank pay’ should be included while calculating an officer’s pay and pension, the Supreme Court has directed this be re-recalculated and paid with retrospective effect from Jan 1, 1986. 

‘We also direct interest to be paid thereon at 6 percent per annum,’ a bench of Justice Markendey Katju and Justice R.M. Lodha ruled. The judgment was delivered last week but a copy was made available only Tuesday. The judgment will not apply to officers who were commissioned or retired post-1996 as they are covered under the Fifth and Sixth Pay Commissions.

‘With this judgment, the pay of all affected officers will have to be re-fixed from Jan 1, 1986, with consequential benefits on pay, pension, commutation and leave encashment,’ the Retired Defence Officers Association (RDOA) that pursued the case in the Supreme Court said in a statement. 

‘The anticipated arrears would range from a couple of thousand rupees to a few lakh per officer depending upon the rank held and reckonable service of the officer. About 30,000 to 40,000 officers, both serving and retired, including widows, would be directly benefited,’ the statement said. 

According to the RDOA, the defence ministry committed a ‘faux paus’ by not including ‘rank pay’ in the total emoluments and then doing the pay fixation, as had been recommended by the Fourth Pay Commission, which presented its final report in 1987. 

‘This resulted in huge financial loss to the officers with cumulative effect on pay, DA, pension, gratuity and commutation,’ the association said.

Acting on the plea of Major A.K. Dhanapalan, a single judge bench of the Kerala High Court Oct 5, 1998, directed that the calculations be done afresh. A division bench of the high court upheld this July 4, 2003. 

The government appealed against this in the Supreme Court and the RDOA also filed its own plea. 

Many similar petitions were filed in various high courts all over the country by other officers as well.

‘These were clubbed together and transferred to the Supreme Court to be heard along with an transfer petition of similar nature that had arisen out of a case that was allowed on the basis of the judgment in Major Dhanapalan’s case,’ RDOA said.

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49 thoughts on “Pension bonanza for ex-servicemen after Supreme Court ruling




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    Enclosures : As above & Annexure – 5 & 6 additionally. Date : ________________

    My Postal Address : A.R. Jaiswal, C/o, Rishi Raj Arora, Preeti Trade Link (P) Ltd., DSS 45 & 46, Marble Market, Sector – 21C, Faridabad – 121001.

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  2. Lt. Col. (TS) A. P. E. Kutty


  3. Major Chandrasekhar (Retd)

    The Rank ‘Major’ is a Field Offrs rank , bracketed with Brig rank for many purposes incl Accn.
    A major is the most ‘delivering/dependable/multi-tasking ‘ rank — an all purpose, wide employability and a hard core soldiering.
    placing him in pay band 3 is unjustified, compressing his utility/reward ratio to pathetic levels.
    For Heavens sake recognise and reward this very vital rank its dues well.

  4. Maj OP Choudhary ( Retd)

    Dear All,
    It is really heartening to know & note that the RDOA & various other Retd Officers are doing a wonderful service to the VETERANS.

    (a) Can we all come under one banner,because it is seen & noticed that presently there are are various groups/organisations voicing the same concerns but on different platforms–WHICH CERTAINLY WEAKENS OUR STAND ON THE CORE ISSUES & DIMINISHES THE BASIC PRINCIPLE OF COLLECTIVE FORCE (WHICH WE ARE AS ON DATE).

    (b) As being widely placed all over the country vigrous endeavours be made to make maximum use of the internet to exchange views & keep abreast of all the developments by sharing/contribution.

    (c) Although the case of Rank Pay UNJUSTICE is still hanging in the fire–OUT COME MAY BE POSITIVE BY THE DETERMINED EFFORTS OF THE RDOA.

    (d) By the way has any body given the serious thought to the GREAT INJUSTICE done to the Rank of Majors/ equivalent Ranks ( Retd) in the 6th CPC.Before the 6th CPC,the difference in the pension of Major & Lt Col was barely 200 Rs & now it is 20000 Rs.It is not only confined to the money alone–IT IS THE STATUS ALSO which had been down graded very badly by comparing a Major of 20 yrs service with a Major of 6 yrs service.

    Valuable views of all effected/sympathisers/concerned brother Officers are solicited pl.

    Maj OP Choudhary

  5. Sharma VS Captain

    64 Commissioned.65 thick of Indo-Pak war Battle Casualty status concealed slept over by AG/SHQ,war injury pension never paid. SHQ,challanged now AGMP5 admitted my BC status.AFT order to hold RSMB not being excuated.CSD denied,reason of sudden release in 68 not ever disclosed. Strangly Cadets or even dismissed paid pension,a War Wounded is such treated. Any guidelines with Court judgments ?

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